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Encrypted--A Novel by John Stephen Stroebel

What do your kids read?  Do they read at all?  Here is a book that they will read—and read again.  A book whose heroes exemplify traditional virtues like love and sacrifice and the courage to confront and overcome evil; where the story brings those heroes into relationship with the creator of the universe and an understanding of their purpose in it.


    The story told in “Encrypted” takes place many millennia into the future when human kind and sentient animals evolved from other Earth species have settled much of the universe.  The protagonists of “Encrypted”, Thomas Miner, a human data miner, and his sentient canine companion, Nana, are hired by the mysterious Mr. Lamb to locate the “Book”—the most famous book of all time—which has vanished in the Mine, the vast quantum computer which contains the sum total of sentient kind’s knowledge and experience.  The Book is located, but has been encrypted by the Collective, a hereditary caste which has assumed the responsibilities of government and will stop at nothing to keep the competing truth of the Book hidden.   Thomas and Nana’s quest to unveil the message of the Book takes them across the universe where they must battle the demon soldiers of the Collective and overcome death itself to complete their mission.

    “Encrypted” highlights contemporary issues such as the conflict between freedom and entitlement, goodness and mere pleasure and explores the continuing vitality of religion in a deathless universe.   This is a story that will enthrall young adults and Christians and dog-lovers of all ages.

     The novel is beautifully illustrated with 13 original full color plates created by graphic artist, Aron Hommer (see the Art of Encrypted).

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